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Business incubators worldwide

Business incubators are especially attractive for the countries in transition because they diminish problems to businesses by associating know-how and reducing expenses.

Business Incubators became important instruments for development (primarily regional development) in the European Union in the 90s. There are over 900 Business Incubators in EU now. In the countries in transition there are about 250 Business Incubators. The most developed country in terms of Business Incubators is Poland with 56 units. The first Business Incubators were established in Europe at the beginning of the 80s in England and Germany.

The case of Berlin is interesting because the first Business Incubator in Germany was established in this city in November 1983. Its name was - Berlin Centre for Innovations and New Enterprises. This initiative lounged by the Technical Faculty of Berlin was based on the experiences on transfer of technology. Its goal was to encourage the cooperation between SMEs and the university.

Today there are over 300 different models of Business Incubator in Germany.